We are a climate-neutral company

Climate protection has always been an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Since August, we have been compensating our CO2 emissions, which cannot be avoided, with the support of a wind power project in Bulgaria.

We are a climate-neutral company

With the climate neutrality of our company we support the climate protection project wind power in Saint Nikola, Bulgaria. We also support the achievement of global sustainability goals (Sustainable Development Goals), such as fighting poverty or improving living conditions in emerging and developing countries.

By compensating our corporate emissions, we are committing ourselves to climate protection and underscoring our commitment to sustainability. The “climate-neutral” label and our certificate with ID number ensure transparency: you can track the offsetting of CO2 emissions via the ID and receive information on the climate protection project: www.climatepartner.com/14987-2008-1001.

This TÜV-Austria-certified process of ClimatePartner stands for security and credibility in climate protection.

For many years we have been obtaining electricity and heat from renewable energy sources. The switch to LED lighting and the energy-efficient new building of our subsidiary Löffler Bulgaria are essential steps towards minimizing CO2 emissions.

Unavoidable emissions are offset by a selected climate project in Bulgaria, which is certified according to the verified carbon standard (vcs).

The principle of climate neutrality

Climate neutral are companies, processes and products whose CO2 emissions have been calculated and compensated by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects. In addition to avoidance and reduction, the compensation of CO2 emissions is an important step in global climate protection. Greenhouse gases such as CO2 are evenly distributed in the atmosphere, so the concentration of greenhouse gases is approximately the same all over the world. It is therefore irrelevant for the global greenhouse gas concentration and the greenhouse effect where on earth emissions are caused or avoided. Emissions that cannot be avoided locally can therefore be offset by climate protection projects at another location.