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What do I have to take? To make your next hiking tour an unforgettable experience, you should pack the following ...

Nature is full of fascinating places. Whether hiking in Austria, Germany or other regions: Especially this summer we enjoy the unforgettable moments of hiking with family and children all the more.

In order for the next tour to be a unique experience, the rucksack must be cleverly packed. Here you can find out what equipment you should definitely take with you on day tours, weekend tours and for the next summit.

What clothes do I need when hiking?

From comfortable to fast – from flat to steep: There is the right clothing for every gait. For those who are active in all weather and want to feel comfortable, there is a need for sports clothing with a system.

A system that consists of several light layers according to the proven Löffler layer principle and is perfectly coordinated.

find the perfect base (1st layer)

The cornerstone is the right functional underwear. transtex® functional underwear is the first link in the chain – and at the same time the most important. It lies directly on the skin and must therefore have special qualities.

The requirements vary depending on climate, temperature and intensity. That is why there is the right transtex quality for every application.

the golden middle(2nd layer)

The climate-regulating layer in the middle must release the moisture further outwards. The material should therefore be breathable. Functional shirts in different qualities become loyal companions on all paths. The range extends from natural fibre shirts such as MERINO-TENCEL™ to light, functional materials such as Race-light or Softtouch.

The cut form also plays an essential role. While hikers prefer the classic polo shirt, casual loose-fit cuts and cut sleeves are also very much in fashion. Depending on requirements, Löffler offers various polo shirts, print shirts and tank tops for the next tour.

The designs and colours leave nothing to be desired: subtle mini prints in the form of honeycombs and diamonds – up to 3D textures will delight any sportsman or woman.

protected by the outer layer (3rd layer)

The outermost layer has the main task of protecting against the weather influences such as wind, rain or cold. It is important to ensure that the material is highly breathable and that moisture and heat are also released to the outside.

Depending on the intended use, you should choose a waterproof GORE-TEX or WPM pocket jacket, a warmer stretch fleece or a windproof windstopper jacket.


New hybrid jackets perfectly combine the advantages of all materials.

Through body mapping or the targeted use of materials, all requirements of the athlete are fulfilled. During the development of the new hybrid jackets, great importance was attached to optimal thermoregulation with a small pack size. This protects against unpleasant weather conditions and keeps the body warm. The jackets are ideal for carrying around and can be stored in the smallest pocket.

  • – Windproof zones in the front area prevent the body from cooling down
  • – Combined with elastic materials such as Race Elastic and Active Stretch light for absolute freedom of movement
  • – Well thought-out details, such as reflective fibres incorporated in the waistband ends, support visibility
  • – Dynamic and sporty look – suitable for sports and leisure

What belongs in your luggage naturally depends on the type of tour”.

Cleverly PACKED

Apart from the right clothing, the following equipment should not be missing, especially when hiking with children or animals:

  • Correct, off-road shoes with intact soles
  • Functional socks (transtex® sport socks) with reinforced heel and toe area: this means that unpleasant pressure and chafing points or blisters don’t stand a chance – Sufficient food & drinks: It is important to provide the body with sufficient fluids during physical exertion. Energy bars and fruit will also quickly replenish your energy reserves.
  • Headgear to protect against sun, wind & rain (cap, hat, multifunctional cloth or headband)
  • Sun cream with high SPF
  • Clothing to change: Wet clothing should be changed quickly to protect against chills
  • Smartphone, map or navigation device for quick orientation
  • Tick forceps
  • Small first aid kit
  • Sports towel
  • Headlamp for longer tours (especially in the morning and evening)
  • Gloves for rope covered passages
  • Garbage bags (so that the garbage moves from the mountain to the valley)

Clean environment

Especially the latter is important in order to go into the mountains responsibly and do something good for the environment (and oneself). Our ecosystem should be protected and value should be placed on sustainably produced products. Responsibility towards people, the region and the environment is very close to our heart.

For decades, we have been producing sustainably and fairly in Austria and Europe, paying attention to the highest social standards, short transport routes and a clean environment.

However, the most resource-saving aspect is a long life cycle of the product. Löffler offers a repair service to prolong this life cycle. So you can enjoy your sportswear for a long time to come!

Loeffler World
We are ClimatePartner certified

Climate protection has always been an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Since August 2020, we have been offsetting our unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting a wind power project in Bulgaria. Now we extended our collaboration with ClimatePartner and have been supporting a biogas upgrading project in Sofia, Bulgaria, ever since.

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