WM Seefeld: 18 medals for Löffler

Löffler takes stock of the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld at home: The ÖSV and DSV athletes in Löffler clothing won a total of 18 medals.

With five medals in ski jumping and four in Nordic combined, the Nordic ÖSV athletes even overtook the Alpine athletes with 8 medals. The DSV athletes were also more than satisfied with their nine podium places – 6 of them even gold. Managing Director Otto Leodolter is pleased about the great brand presence in top-class sport: “As a clothing supplier, you can only wish for a balance of 18 x precious metal”.

Austria’s Nordic athletes are fully equipped with Löffler clothing. Gruber, Rehrl, Stadlober and Co. went to the start with their racing suits and transtex underwear. Löffler also supplied the warm-up clothing as well as the thermal overgarments for all ÖSV athletes. However, Löffler is not only the official outfitter of the ÖSV, but also of the DSV. Eisenbichler, Frenzl and all other Nordic DSV athletes start in transtex underwear and ski pullovers.

Löffler strictly rejects any form of doping

The sports festival in idyllic Seefeld was of course clouded by the doping scandal. “We trust in the officials of the ÖSV that all doping sinners will be identified and removed from the team. As an immediate first measure, we demand the return of all Löffler clothing of the athletes concerned. I want to distance myself clearly: LÖFFLER strictly rejects any form of doping. Doping is cheating and must therefore be condemned in the strongest possible terms,” says Löffler’s Managing Director Otto Leodolter.

Loeffler-News-WMSeefeld Loeffler-News-WMSeefeld Loeffler-News-WMSeefeld Loeffler-News-WMSeefeld
Austrian athletes with won medals at Seefeld Austrian athletes with won medals at Seefeld Austrian athletes with won medals at Seefeld Austrian athletes with won medals at Seefeld

In addition to the athletes in Seefeld, the World Championships organisers, service personnel and course attendants also wore Löffler clothing. The Seefeld organisation team ordered a package of warm jackets, trousers, gilets and roller skates in the exclusive Seefeld design for a total of 1,100 helpers.

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