Finding the right cycling shorts Apr 2023

The biker's most sensitive point of contact with his bike is on the saddle. This is where it is decided whether a ride becomes a pleasure or an torture. That's why you should pay particular attention to high quality when buying cycling shorts.

The perfect cycling shorts – cycling seat pads explained

Cycling shorts require only a relatively small piece of fabric, but they are among the most technically demanding and sophisticated garments. The demands on fit and wearing comfort are enormous, and the finishing must be of high quality to ensure functionality and durability.

Different models of course have to meet different requirements. Cyclists are tall or short, lightweight or heavy. There are cycling shorts for women and cycling shorts for men. They sit on different saddles, the road bike saddle, the MTB saddle or the touring bike saddle. And of course the trousers should also look good. For those who prefer a look that is suitable for everyday cycling, we recommend cycling underpants. These are undershorts with a sewn-in seat pad worn under everyday clothing.

“The perfect pair of cycling shorts is a great challenge, but it can be achieved. If the seams are as flat as possible and do not irritate the skin. Ideally, there are no seams at all in the sensitive areas.”

cycling shorts women black cycling shorts women black cycling shorts women black cycling shorts women black
Cycling shorts women W BIKE TIGHTS HOTBOND®
men cycling shorts dark blue men cycling shorts dark blue men cycling shorts dark blue men cycling shorts dark blue
Cycling shorts men M BIKE TIGHTS BASIC GEL
cycling shorts men löffler cycling shorts men löffler cycling shorts men löffler cycling shorts men löffler
Cycling shorts black Löffler Cycling shorts black Löffler Cycling shorts black Löffler Cycling shorts black Löffler
Cycling shorts women W BIKE TIGHTS HOBTOND®

That’s right!

That’s right! We manage to produce cycling clothing without seams. Highly elastic materials are welded ultra-flat with the unique hotBOND® ultrasonic technology. Special machines melt the layers of fabric on the surface and weld them into ultra-flat bonds. These bonds are not only comfortable to wear, but also more tear resistant and durable than conventional seams.

In addition to bike shorts in various lengths and both waistband and bib shorts, hotBOND® technology is also used in tight-fitting cycling jerseys. The hotBOND® collection is exclusively manufactured in Austria.

The advantages of hotBOND® can be felt much better than put into words – so it’s best to just try it out for yourself!

Finding the right bike seat pad

Special attention should also be paid to the correct seat padding. The seat padding is primarily geared towards the rider and his or her subjective well-being. But the type of cycling also plays an important role. It influences the seating position and the time spent on the bike. We have been optimising our “leathers” for many years and bring suitable seat pad concepts to the market for the different areas of use. What makes the different Löffler bike seat pads special is explained in this video:

You can find all Löffler bike seat pads on our practical bike seat pad overview.


High Performance Seat Pad for longer distances. Perfectly tuned to racing saddles.
High Performance Seat Pad for longer distances. Perfectly tuned to racing saddles.
  • Various foams with different densities.
  • Ultra High Density (120 kg/m³) in the sit bones area.
  • Long-lasting dimensionally stable.
  • Perforated for perfect thermal regulation, lightweight.
  • Seamless ergonomic bent shaping for a perfect fit and more stability.
  • Super soft, elastic high tech eco-fabric.
  • Bacteriostatic and skin-compatible.

Density: 120 kg/m³

Thickness: 14 mm


Compact, lightweight, seat pad for cyclists with sporty ambitions.
Compact, lightweight, seat pad for cyclists with sporty ambitions.
  • Vibrations absorbing gel pads in the sit bones area.
  • High density foam.
  • Dimensionally stable and good torsion.
  • Continuously perforated for perfect thermal regulation.
  • Anatomically pre-shaped for sitting comfort and perfect stability.
  • Breathable, soft microfiber fabric.

Density: 90 kg/m³

Thickness: 16 mm


Sporty all-round seat pad for a pleasant sitting comfort.
Sporty all-round seat pad for a pleasant sitting comfort.
  • Long-lasting compact foam, very good cushioning features.
  • Different foam zones for ideal pressure distribution.
  • Elastic, flexible.
  • Pleasantly breathable, fast drying.
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped.
  • Cover fabric with a silk-soft touch.
  • Pleasant sitting comfort in an upright to compact sitting position.

Density: 80 kg/m³

Thickness: 12 mm


Base model for comfortable riding.
Base model for comfortable riding.
  • Compact foam with a good density.
  • Discreet with low volume.
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped.
  • Used for transtex®-bike undershorts.
  • Partially perforated for good thermal regulation.

Density: 60 kg/m³

Thickness: 6 mm

Which cycling shorts suit me best?

You are now wondering which cycling shorts are the right ones for you? This question is very individual.

The most important thing when choosing your new cycling shorts is:

  • Warm or cold – Do you prefer to ride in warm or cold temperatures with your cycling shorts? It determines whether you need a long or a short pair of cycling shorts and what material the cycling shorts should be made of.
  • With or without suspenders – cycling shorts are available with suspenders (bib shorts) or without suspenders (tights). Bib shorts have the big advantage that the cycling shorts do not slip when the rider is in a stretched riding position. In contrast, tights are less constricting and are therefore more comfortable to wear for many cyclists. Rule of thumb: Athletic and performance-oriented? Then bib tights are the right choice. Do you prefer to sit upright on your bike and enjoy the ride? Then a pair of cycling shorts without straps is a good choice.
  • Try out! – Because every person is different. And everyone has a different sense of personal comfort when it comes to sitting. Some prefer a firmer and less padded sit. Others find a soft and high seat padding the perfect solution. The right choice of padding can also depend on the sit bones. The sit bones exert the most pressure on the padding and the saddle. Therefore: Try on the trousers and test whether the padding has the desired firmness. You can also get qualified advice on the cycling shorts of your choice at a sports shop.

These are the factors to consider when choosing the right cycling shorts.

Tips & tricks for the correct use of cycling shorts

  • Do not wear normal pants under your cycling shorts! Instead, choose the right seat pad.
  • The cycling shorts should definitely be bought in the right size. Cycling shorts that are too large do not serve their purpose. If in doubt, choose one size smaller. Tip: It is best to try on several sizes to find out which fits best.
  • Wash! Sweat, salt and sunscreen make the fabric inflexible and the shorts no longer fit as they should. Therefore, wash the cycling shorts gently after every ride. Washing too rarely will probably cause more cycling shorts to break than washing too often. The material is attacked by sweat and oils. As a rule, do not use fabric softener, but use normal mild detergent sparingly. Also follow the instructions on the care label.
  • A defective or unsuitable saddle (e.g. rough surface, decorative stitching, dirt) can rub up the seat of the trousers.
  • Saddle bags on the seat post, which often have a velcro fastener, can cause chafing on the inside of the thighs due to friction. This ruins the best cycling shorts in no time.
  • You should also be carefu with the clothing worn over them. The thin, elastic fabric of cycling shorts can be damaged by sharp-edged cord stoppers, for example.
men bike tights dark blue men bike tights dark blue men bike tights dark blue men bike tights dark blue
Men cycling tights M BIKE TIGHTS BASIC GEL

You can find Löffler cycling shorts in well-stocked specialist shops and in our online shop. We wish you many enjoyable hours on the saddle and much fun with our cycling shorts!


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