Strikingly inconspicuous: the comfortable all-rounder “cycling underpants”

The perfect cycling underpants follow every movement and protect against pressure and unpleasant friction during the bike tour. But what must the perfect cycling underpants be able to do?

the comfortable all-rounder “cycling underpants”

In the beginning there is always the question: Why do I need cycling underpants? But after only a few kilometres on the bike you can already feel that something essential is missing. The perfect cycling underpants are the ones that you can hardly feel and follow all movements without constriction. At the same time, good cycling underpants protect against pressure and uncomfortable friction in the bottom and thigh area.

Especially here it is important to wear cycling underpants with as few seams as possible and thus avoid unpleasant chafing or pressure points. Essential is – besides the material of the cycling underpants – also the integrated seat padding.

The optimal cycling underpants should be…

  • Be anatomically shaped – depending on the area of use and gender of the biker
  • Fit like a second skin, but do not constrict, as especially decorative seams can cause unpleasant pressure or even impair blood circulation
  • have an anti-slip rubber in the trouser leg or hem so that the cycling underpants do not slip or slide up while riding

But what advantage do cycling underpants offer compared to regular cycling shorts?

They are inconspicuous, can be worn under everyday clothes and fit perfectly where it counts! So the cycling underpants become a comfortable all-rounder on every ride.

Whether on a road bike, MTB, gravel or e-bike – Löffler meets the highest demands.


Depending on the intensity, demands and your own bike saddle, there is a choice of suitable cycling underpants.

While for a padded saddle a pair of cycling underpants with a 6 millimetre thick seat padding is sufficient, those who have a hard and narrow saddle should fall back on a 16 millimetre thick padding.


The material of the transtex® light cycling underpants is produced in the company’s own knitting mill in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, and quickly wicks away moisture.  The well thought-out combination of seat padding, material and workmanship is designed for short to medium cycling tours and guarantees a pleasant body climate, rapid sweat transport and a close fit. The Comfort Basic seat cushion is made of 6 millimetre thick foam and is ergonomically pre-shaped. Thanks to the low weight and the discreet seat padding, you almost forget that you are wearing underpants. And thanks to extra-flat seams, Löffler’s transtex® light cycling underpants are guaranteed to leave no pressure points!


The all-round talent for extensive tours on the e-bike. The quick-drying and breathable material does not constrict and is ideal for upright sitting positions. The wide waistband as well as leg cuffs with silicone grippers prevent the cycling underpants from sliding up. The integrated seat cushion Comfort Tour (9 mm) is designed for e-bikes and trekking tours and provides perfect thermoregulation thanks to perforations. This way touring bikers can reach their destination comfortably even over long distances.


The Bike Undershorts Elastic by Löffler the classic for sporty ambitious bikers on mountain bikes or touring bikes. The extra-short cut underpants made of multi-elastic material are highly breathable, so that no uncomfortable feeling arises even on very sweaty cycling tours.  And thanks to a narrow elastic waistband and leg cuffs with silicone grippers, the trousers stay exactly where they belong. The integrated Comfort Elastic seat cushion (12 mm) is one of the sporty all-round seat cushions with foam zones of varying density (80 kg/m2) for ideal pressure distribution. The soft outer fabric with a fine feel guarantees pleasant seating comfort in an upright to compact seating position.


The queen of cycling underpants: For sporty cyclists looking for high freedom of movement and reliable seat cushioning. The cycling underpants must not be heavy and must snuggle up to the body like a second skin.

The unique hotBOND® technology developed by Löffler without needle & thread produces ultrasonically welded joints. These are not only comfortable to wear, but also more tear-resistant and durable than conventional seams. Thanks to the high-quality seat cushion Comfort Gel Air (16mm), even long tours become an unforgettable experience. The wide waistband adapts perfectly to the hips and ensures a firm but tight fit.

The wide waistband fits perfectly to the hips and provides a firm but comfortable hold. The extra wide leg cuffs also fix the cycling underpants without constricting them. The breathable elastic material easily manages to provide a permanently balanced body climate. Additionally, ventilating mesh inserts provide perfect ventilation during the bike ride.

The sporty cycling shorts can also be worn as short or light summer cycling shorts and are also available as bib shorts for men (21255)

Men Bike Underwear

Women Bike Underwear


All cycling underpants are manufactured – from fabric production to the finished product – at the company’s site in Ried im Innkreis, Austria. We consciously produce sustainably and fairly in Austria and pay attention to resource-saving use of raw materials, short transport routes and fair working conditions. Learn more (Link “That’s what we stand for”)


We recommend the following care instructions so that bikers can enjoy the comfort of the “cycling underpants” for a long time:

  • Careful when washing!
  • Especially the padding and elasticity of the cycling underpants can be damaged by incorrect handling.
  • Do not wash too hot (max. 40 degrees or as recommended on the care label)
  • Do not use fabric softener, as this can impair the breathability and damping properties of the seat cushion
  • Wash in a gentle wash cycle to extend the life of the product

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