We are ClimatePartner certified Mar 2024

Climate protection has always been an essential part of our corporate philosophy. Since August 2020, we have been offsetting our unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting a wind power project in Bulgaria. Now we extended our collaboration with ClimatePartner and have been supporting a biogas upgrading project in Sofia, Bulgaria, ever since.

Climate protection is a priority

In line with our pursuit of sustainability and responsibility, we at Löffler took a significant step towards climate protection in 2020. Our commitment manifested itself in our support for the wind energy project in Saint Nikola, Bulgaria. Now we are continuing our cooperation with ClimateParnter and offsetting unavoidable emissions through a biogas upgrading project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The basis for this is the calculation of our corporate carbon footprint. When recalculating the corporate carbon footprint in the run-up to the Sustainability Report 2023, we significantly extended the accounting threshold on the basis of a more comprehensive database in order to obtain as complete and differentiated a picture as possible of the greenhouse gas emissions that we release through our business activities and our products.

Löffler is ClimatePartner-certified

ClimatePartner-certified company, which means: we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions, defined reduction targets, continuously implement reductions and finance climate protection projects.

With the ClimatePartner certification and a corresponding certificate including ID number, we create traceability for our stakeholders: The specifications of our contribution to climate protection can be viewed at any time via ClimatePartner: www.climatepartner.com/14987-2008-1001.

This process, certified by TÜV Austria and realised in cooperation with ClimatePartner, is a symbol of reliability and credibility in the area of climate protection. At Löffler, we see ourselves as part of the solution and invite our community to join us on the path to sustainable development.

Eco- friendly producer

Environmental protection is not just the order of the day, it is deeply rooted in our DNA. At Löffler, we don’t just design sportswear, we knit a promise into each of our products: to treat our environment with care and use natural resources with respect. In our energy programme, we try to reduce energy consumption as much as possible step by step and with many measures. In our sustainability report, we provide an insight into how we take responsibility for our environment.

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