Olympic region Seefeld Apr 2020

The Olympic region Seefeld in Tyrol is the figurehead in the Alps. The name "Olympiaregion" is definitely the program here!

Olympic region Seefeld – Nordic competence through and through

Seefeld in Tyrol is the figurehead of cross-country skiing in the Alps. The sport is lived there in all its facets. This is expressed on the one hand by the Nordic Centre of Competence, and on the other hand by the numerous events that bring the Olympics and renowned winter sportsmen and women to the region. The name “Olympiaregion” is definitely the programme here.

The Olympic Region Seefeld is THE cross-country skiing centre in the Alps. It is situated on a high plateau at 1200 metres above sea level. As you would expect from a place in the middle of the Alps, it is surrounded by an impressive mountain landscape. To be precise: It is embedded between the Wettersteingebirge and Karwendel. Thanks to its optimal altitude, snow is guaranteed here. For some years now the region has also been making use of snowfarming. Thus, there are already artificial snow trails from November on, on which you can train.


But the top altitude and the early start of the season are only the tip of the iceberg. Seefeld scores above all with its Nordic Centre of Competence. This consists of 4 pillars: cross-country trails, ski jumps, biathlon facilities and roller ski track. The cross-country ski trail network alone is incredibly large and versatile. In Seefeld there are a total of 246.5 kilometres of cross-country ski trails. Among them are illuminated trails for night owls, dog trails for all those who like to be accompanied by their four-legged friend, and trails that are specially prepared for wheelchair users and cross-country skiers who are keen on sports. The extensive biathlon facilities continue. It has 30 small-calibre shooting ranges and five shooting ranges for air rifles.

For all those who like to reach for the sky, there are two ski jumps, lovingly named after the skiing legend Anton Seelos. So Nordic combiners will also get their money’s worth here. Last but not least, the Nordic Competence Centre also offers a roller ski track and a summer biathlon facility. This gives Nordic sports fans the opportunity to practise Nordic sports in the summer as well.

Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria
© Olympiaregion Seefeld
Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria Cross Country skiing at Seefeld in Austria
© Olympiaregion Seefeld


Why is the region actually called “Olympiaregion”?

Well, quite simply: Seefeld has already been the Olympic venue for the Nordic competitions three times. The first time was in 1964, the second time in 1976 and the last time in 2012 as part of the Winter Youth Olympic Games. Furthermore, it is the organizer of the Nordic World Cup every year. In 1985 it hosted the Nordic World Ski Championship. Last winter season the Olympic Region Seefeld hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships for the second time in its history. Such top events of course contribute to the fact that whole national teams are regular guests in the region.


Events & start of the season:

  • Official trail start: 23.11.2019
  • Leutascher xc-opening: 13.12.2019
  • Winter World Masters Games: 10.01.2020
  • Kaiser Maximilian Run: 11.01.2020
  • Nordic Combined Triple: 31.01.2020
  • Euroloppet Ganghofer Run: 29.02. – 01.03.2020

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