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Today, quality is often taken for granted when you go shopping but it is far from being standard. For us at Löffler one thing is clear: High quality results from exceptional performance.

Our most important quality assets:

Own knitting factory

We develop our fabrics in our own knitting factory and, therefore, we have most of the production chain in our own hands. This allows us a deeper understanding of the fabrics – how they behave and how they can be processed.

Strict quality assurance throughout the entire process

Quality control along the entire process: during fabric production, after each work step (knitting, finishing, cutting, sewing) and again on the finished product.

Production in Austria/Europe

Production in Austria and Europe, mainly in our own factories (Ried/Upper Austria, Trjawna/Bulgaria)

1.3 million units produced per year

Every year we produce 1.3 million pieces of functional clothing responsibly and regionally. Every single piece is carefully checked after completion and tested according to specially developed quality standards.

0.24% annual complaint rate

Only about 2,400 pieces of the goods produced annually are returned to us. We examine every complaint carefully and see them as an incentive to further develop and improve our products.

65% of annual complaints repaired

After examination of the submitted complaints, 1,500 articles are repaired in our in-house service workshop. This preserves valuable resources and also extends the life cycle of our products once again.

40 years and more in top-class sport

Winners wear Löffler. For many decades, top athletes from ÖSV and DSV have relied on premium functional clothing – for the highest demands and top performance of tomorrow.

Factory Ried
Factory Ried