Short or long?

Especially in the transition period, you ask yourself before a tour whether you need long trousers or the shorts are sufficient. Our recommendation for every hiking or trekking tour: the zip-off trousers.

As a true quick-change artist, these trousers multiply the range of applications enormously. If the temperature rises or the effort is increased, the trouser legs are simply unzipped. By means of a leg zipper (or a T-Zip) the hiking boots do not have to be taken off.

In addition to the light, quick-drying stretch material, the trousers are characterised by a perfect fit. The leg lengths are also available in short and long. This is important for the fit of the trousers, for example that the pre-shaped knees are in the right place. The Comfort Stretch material consists of highly elastic, breathable microfibres that transport moisture, allow unlimited freedom of movement and provide an optimal microclimate. It also has a water and dirt repellent coating.

The Trekking Zip-Off Pants by Löffler are available in several versions and colours for men and women.

Hiking pants

Here is a selection of our hiking pants from the current collection.
Woman and man going down a trail with walking sticks.