Dress according to layering principle Mar 2020

A strenuous ascent that will make you sweat, low temperatures and a whistling wind at the summit and finally an icy cold descent. In these conditions, the demands on the right functional outfit are demanding.

Proper ski touring clothing easily copes with the large temperature differences. After all, you want to enjoy the mountain and take home great memories, not a cold.

The important thing is to rely on the tried and tested layer principle

The layer principle belongs to the wealth of experience of every ski tourer. The Löffler clothing is perfectly coordinated. The interaction between body, climate and clothing has always been the basis for new developments in functional sports fashion at Löffler. When ascending a mountain you choose two to three layers depending on temperature, weather and individual cold sensation. At the summit and on the descent you should definitely have an insulation jacket with you. The new models are so light and small that you can hardly feel them in your backpack.


The first layer directly on the body is the functional underwear. It has the task of keeping the body dry. The underwear must not absorb the sweat, but must pass it on to the outside and dry itself immediately. With transtex® technology, Löffler has been setting the standard in functional underwear for decades, for an ideal body climate at any temperature.

transtex® functional underwear …

  • quickly transports sweat away from the body
  • keeps dry and warm, especially in the cooler season
  • dissipates excess heat when necessary, avoids heat accumulation
  • fits closely to the body without restricting the freedom of movement
  • dries very quickly, remains odourless

On cold days it is best to use transtex® Merino. Here polypropylene is combined with merino wool in an innovative material mix: Polypropylene clings to the body and wicks sweat away from the skin. Breathable merino warms you perfectly.

Together they are unbeatable – the high-tech fibre polypropylene and natural merino wool.

Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-Men-192 Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-Men-192 Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-Men-192 Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-Men-192
Loeffler-Skitouring-Jacke-GoreTex-Men-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Jacke-GoreTex-Men-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Jacke-GoreTex-Men-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Jacke-GoreTex-Men-192


The second layer has the task of keeping the body warm and insulating. It is important to ensure good breathability. Sweat must also be released from this layer to the outside. A perfect fit, unrestricted freedom of movement, low weight and many well thought-out details and features make the way up easier.


At the moment everyone is talking about hybrids. In short, it means the combination of different materials for extreme functionality. Löffler jackets have always been hybrid. A material mix is used for almost all parts. At Löffler there are no fashionable designs without function. For zones with particularly intensive sweat, a more vapour permeable material is used, windproof materials where they are needed.


If it is bitingly cold or if you start the tour in snowfall, you should wear a wind- or waterproof outer layer. But beware! A common mistake when touring: Many start much too warm packed, maybe even waterproof, although neither wind nor rain protection is necessary. In the best case, the first stop is made after a few metres to pack the outer layer into the rucksack. Things get bad when you overestimate the breathability of the outer layer and stand sweaty at the draughty summit where the cold hits mercilessly. As a rule, it is sufficient to put on wind and weather protection only for the descent. Today’s items are so small to pack and light that they hardly carry any weight in a backpack.

Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-192 Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-192 Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-192 Loeffler-underwear-transtex-merino-192
Loeffler-Skitouring-Midlayer-Women-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Midlayer-Women-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Midlayer-Women-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Midlayer-Women-192
Loeffler-Skitouring-Primaloftjacke-Women-Men-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Primaloftjacke-Women-Men-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Primaloftjacke-Women-Men-192 Loeffler-Skitouring-Primaloftjacke-Women-Men-192

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