STIRNBAND MERINO mottled bordeaux

Art.Nr. 21730


29,99 € (suggested retail price )
Melange MERINO wool, insulating, fast drying, breathable, extra wide, transtex®-function, logo.
Material: 38 % Polypropylene, 30 % Polyester, 30 % Wool, 2 % Elastane
Optimally for:
Sizes: OS -

The well-proven transtex® two-layer technology uses here merino-wool (2) on the outside which is known for excellent heat insulation and high moisture absorption. The fibers can absorb up to 30% moisture of their own weight without a wet feeling on the skin. At the same time, merino wool is extremely light, breathable and odorless by nature. The inner surface made of the dense high-tech fiber polypropylene (1). With a new and innovative knitting technique the terry cloth loops are turned to the outside.
The result:The so generated air trap enhances heat insulation. The material continues to route moisture to the outside extremely well resulting in the dry transtex® feeling on the skin. The ideal functional underwear for lower temperatures

Care symbols
Delicates e.g. made of modal, viscose, polyacrylic, polyester and polyamide. Reduce amount of laundry. Set corresponding wash program. Only brief spin if risk of creasing
Do not bleach
The crossed our triangle indicates that bleaching is not possible. Only use bleach-free detergent.
Do not tumble dry
Tumble drying is not possible.
do not iron
Ironing not possible. Otherwise annoying and irreversible changes must be expected.
Do not dry clean
Dry clean (chemical clean) is not possible.
Wet cleaning process
This symbol applies to sensitive textiles. The mechanical action of this wet celaning process is significantly lower than in the wool wash in the household maschine.