In 1947 Elfriede Löffler founded a company in Ried where initially mainly tights and knitwear for women were produced.

In 1973 LÖFFLER was bought by the ski producer Fischer, also located in Ried and changed the product line to sportswear - a successful future had begun.

1973 - Takeover by Fischer

The 'project' LÖFFLER - functional sportswear starts.

Fischer Sports and LÖFFLER are sister companies today. Fischer is world market leader of the Nordic ski sports segment and one of the leading brands of alpine skiing equipment.

1974 - First winter- and tennis collection

For the first time LÖFFLER presents a winter collection with pullovers and caps at the ISPO, the world's largest sports equipment fair in Munich.

The first tennis collection called 'Match Maker' is presented at the Spoga fair in Cologne. This specifically towards tennis geared product line got ceased in 1992.

1975 - First cross-country skiing collection

LÖFFLER launches its first collection for cross-country skiing.

1978 - Breakthrough with Transtex®

LÖFFLER develops Transtex® - a successful product from the very first minute. The first Transtex® ski clothing gets mass-produced.

In cooperation with extreme mountaineer Peter Habeler also the first outdoor collection is developed within the same year. Together with Reinhold Messner and LÖFFLER Transtex® he is the first person who climbs the Mt. Everest without oxygen.

LÖFFLER and Gore become partners - LÖFFLER starts processing GORE-TEX® membranes for the first time.

1979 - Supplier of the national Austrian ski team

The longterm partnership with LÖFFLER and the ÖSV Team (Austrian Ski Federation) starts with the provision of functional underwear and skiing pullovers.

1981 - First steps into the bicycle racing segment

With its first collection for cyclists LÖFFLER enthuses customers again.

1990 - Partner of the DSV

After the positive experiences of the Austrian Ski Federation LÖFFLER also gets choosen by the DSV (German Ski Federation) as the outfitter of its sportswomen and -men with functional underwear.

Simultaneously, LÖFFLER makes the strategically important decision to keep on with the Austrian manufacturing location, to invest and not to relocate production into more cost-saving third countries.


1991 - Improving Transtex®

LÖFFLER succeeds in developing a thinner and, therefore, lighter version of its successful product - Transtex® X-LIGHT.

1995 - LÖFFLER & FC Bayern

FC Bayern, the internationally prestigious Bavarian soccer team, plays in Transtex® underwear.

By introducing the Continuous Improvement Process (KVP), as well as taking other measures, such as a new style of corporate culture and -governance, LÖFFLER is able to safeguard its manufacturing site in Ried im Innkreis (AUT) in the longterm.

1998 - First running-collection

With its first running-collection LÖFFLER emerges as a full-range outfitter of functional clothing for the endurance sports Bike, Cross-Country, Running, and Outdoor.

1999 - The GORE-TEX® jacket 'Colibri'

The GORE-TEX® jacket 'Colibri' - a revolutionary product of LÖFFLER, protects from windchill and water to a hundred percent.

The manufacturing site in Ried im Innkreis gets expanded by building a new warehouse of finished goods.



2001 - Löffler & Hermann Maier

The legendary alpine ski racer Herman Maier becomes LÖFFLER testimonial.

2002 - Cooperation with the Swiss Ski Alpin team

LÖFFLER becomes official outfitter of the SWISS SKI ALPIN teams, providing functional underwear and skiing pullovers.

Aside from the core market of 'sports', also business with industries and public authorities can get expanded. This is followed by major orders of the police and the Austrian armed forces what causes considerable growth and capacity utilization.

A second warehouse of finished goods is being built.

2007 - The evolution of Transtex®

LÖFFLER Transtex® becomes yet softer and more elastic by using spandex fibres. A new knitting technology called 'Airplus' allows LÖFFLER to produce 'Transtex® light' quality.

2008 - Innovation through hotBOND®

Launch of the innovation hotBOND® - bike pants with welded seams - a highly elastic bond without needle and thread can be manufactured by using ultrasonic welding technology. This breakthrough creates the foundation for another LÖFFLER success story.

Simulatneously, LÖFFLER presents an extended outdoor collection with innovative jackets, pants, and shirts.

2009 - A big anniversary

LÖFFLER has been part of the Austrian Ski Pool and official outfitter of the Austrian national ski teams for 30 years.

Launch of a new development: C-tex compression underwear.


2010 - Comeback of natural fibers

LÖFFLER extends the assortment by functional underwear made of merino wool.

2011 - Gaining further appreciation

GORE-TEX® Active Shell for functional jackets becomes reality.

The German sports trade ranks LÖFFLER first as overall winner in the supplier ranking of 2010.

LÖFFLER gets awarded with the Upper Austrian business award 'Pegasus' in Bronze.

2012 - Increasing reputation through continuous innovation

In the supplier ranking by the German sports trade, LÖFFLER is ranked first as overall winner, for the second time in a row.

Together with the Austrian fiber company Lenzing AG, LÖFFLER develops a Transtex®-fiber combination where cotton is replaced by TENCEL - a natural and resource-saving cellulose fiber.

2013 - LÖFFLER continues with its tremendous success

LÖFFLER is again among the best in the German supplier ranking - the specialist trade ranks LÖFFLER first in the area bike and third in sports.

2014 - Progress through more comfort

The athletes of the German Ski Association (DSV) in cross-country skiing, biathlon, nordic combination and ski jumping perform again in Löffler underwear. In addition to this, eight DSV ski jumpers use the new Löffler ski jumping skis for the season.

The production of functional underwear with the new transtex®-hybrid knitting technique starts, what allows to vary the material construction according to the different body zones.

2015 - Further intensification of a close cooperation

LÖFFLER gets awarded with the Austrian National Prize for Marketing in the category Export Marketing for the sales campaign of transtex® sports underwear in Germany.

The STeP certification for sustainable textile production becomes renewed.

LÖFFLER continues its commitment to the ÖSV (Austrian Ski Association). From 2015 onwards all Nordic teams, including the ski jumpers, wear thermal clothing made by LÖFFLER.

The idea to set up an online-shop www.loeffler-shop.at becomes reality.

2016 - Introduction of the Urban look

LÖFFLER is again ranked best supplier in the category textiles by the German sports magazine SAZSport supplier rankings. During the last five years LÖFFLER has always been on the podium, four times as winner and once as third place.

Also in Austria, LÖFFLER was voted, by its customers, third in the supplier rankings of the sports magazine sazSport.

In cooperation with Gore LÖFFLER succeeds in developing another major innovation: WINDSTOPPER® Superlite - breathable jerseys with wind & water protection => 1BEATS2

New for the spring collection: The URBAN BIKE collection.

2018 - Einführung hotBOND® reflective

Die jüngste Innovation von LÖFFLER ist hotBOND® reflective. LÖFFLER verbindet mit der bewährten hotBOND® Technologie hochelastische Materialien mittels Ultraschall-Verschweißung. Neu ist, dass diese Verbindungspunkte durch eine spezielle Verarbeitungstechnik bei Anstrahlung reflektieren. Das bedeutet: Maximale Bewegungsfreiheit ohne Einschränkungen und Druck- oder Scheuerstellen, plus mehr Sicherheit durch 360 Grad Sichtbarkeit.

Für diese Innovation bekommt LÖFFLER den Landespreis für Innovation des Landes Oberösterreich verliehen.