Are long cycling shorts worthwhile for cycling in autumn & winter? So that you also in autumn & winter, have much joy in cycling, we clearly recommend a long cycling shorts, which provides you with sufficient protection in cold weather. Here you will learn what you should look for when buying.

Cycling shorts make a very important contribution to your general well-being on the bike. If you also like to ride in wintry temperatures, then you will certainly appreciate the benefits of a good pair of long cycling shorts.

What characterizes a good long cycling shorts?

Many long cycling shorts have windproof material built into the front. This is very helpful so that the cold wind does not blow through the clothing. We use material made of Windstopper. This proven fabric protects 100% from wind and is also water repellent. What additionally distinguishes long cycling shorts is often warmer fabric inside than conventional cycling shorts. It is particularly soft and roughened. This results in heat-insulating properties. You feel exemplary protection from the cold. For us, this fabric is called Thermo-Innenvelours. An in-house creation of our research department.

So what is particularly important when making a purchase decision?

  • Look for high-quality materials, such as Windstopper or thermal inner velour, which guarantee that you will enjoy your new cycling shorts for many years.
  • The cycling shorts should fit tightly without constricting. Be sure to try them on before buying!
  • Choose the right seat pad for your needs.

Of course, we carry long cycling shorts for women as well as long cycling shorts for men. Mostly in similar design, but anatomically adapted to the body. If you want to wear your “normal” cycling shorts also in winter, you will also find long cycling shorts without seat pad, which you can wear over your conventional cycling shorts.

What you should also note that there are bike shorts with straps and without straps. A bib shorts has the advantage that the pants slip less and yet the full freedom of movement is given. Compared to pants without straps, it has the disadvantage that the majority of them are slightly more expensive to buy. Pants without straps are used less on the road bike (because here a stretched posture is common – the back is exposed), but more on trips with the MTB or touring bike.

Long cycling pants are usually cut tightly, but there are also models with a loose cut, which are mainly used in mountain biking. They are usually made of elastic material and offer very good freedom of movement.

Especially indispensable in winter: a good baselayer for cycling. Especially if you are sensitive to cold, the functional underwear ladies, functional underwear men helps to additional warmth.

This overview should give you some initial guidance when buying long cycling shorts and we look forward to seeing you cycling all year round too!

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