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70 percent of the materials which LÖFFLER processes come from the in-house knitting factory.

The new 4-way elastic double weave construction, extremely durable but also very light, offers absolute freedom of movement. The double weave has a twill structure inside. This means it lies on the skin only selectively and ensures good air circulation. At the same time, it is breathable and routes moisture to the outside very effectively. On the outside there is a smooth surface which dries very fast. The finish with PFOA-free DWR waterproofing makes the fabric water and dirt repellent.


Extremely light and yet extremely robust 4-way stretch COMFORT-STRETCH material guaranteeing highest freedom of movement due to optimal fit. Very good moisture transport and high breathability create pleasant wearing comfort. Water and dirt-repellent, it is used for biking and functional pants.



A super-light 4-way-stretch material, extremely elastic, soft and fast drying for a pleasant wearing comfort. In addition CS SUPERLITE is water and dirt repellent thanks to a PFC-free DWR (durable water repellent) finish!

After washing, ironing without steam or drying at low temperature (follow the care label) can restore water repellency.

Comfort Stretch Superlite (CSS)
Dimple Elastic

High-tech fibre construction with dimple structure (golf ball structure) developed in the innovative LÖFFLER’s own knitting factory. The super-elastic DIMPLE ELASTIC follows every movement, is very light, highly breathable and dries very quickly. In addition aerodynamic advantages could be measured in wind tunnel tests. The development of the material was done in close cooperation with the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). The successful Austrian Olympic participants used DIMPLE ELASTIC cross-country racing suits for the first time in Sochi 2014.

A highly elastic material from LÖFFLER’s in-house knitting factory for all sports activities where maximum freedom of movement and wearing comfort are in demand. The well-proven two-layer principle is applied for this material. On the inside, polyamide with coarser capillaries is used and on the outside a fine capillary polyamide. This results in fast and effective moisture transport to the outside.

The material dries very fast guaranteeing an optimal micro-climate. The coarser inside layer lies only partly on the skin and thus the high amount of trapped air provides for a significantly better insulation and perfect climate.

Elastic / Dimple Elastic

The special Elastane fibre construction is developed in the innovative LÖFFLER’s own knitting factory. It features excellent durable two-way stretch achieving maximum freedom of movement and perfect fit.
The super-elastic DIMPLE ELASTIC with dimple structure (golf ball structure) follows every movement, is very light, highly breathable and dries very quickly. In addition aerodynamic advantages could be measured in wind tunnel tests. The development of the material was done in close cooperation with the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV).

This functional woven fabric is light, breathable, and pleasantly cool on the skin. It guarantees excellent moisture management and highest wearing comfort. Moisture is dispersed fast and this accelerates its evaporation providing a feeling of freshness. Fast drying and easy-care, uv-protection 30+. Used for trekking shirts.

Functional textile

The well-proven GORE-TEX® product technology for various outdoor activities guarantees durable waterproofness and absolute windproofness combined with optimized breathability and special robustness. The special 3-layer membrane technology was designed for long lasting protection and highest wearing comfort.

  • Particularly robust
  • Durably water and windproof
  • Breathable
  • Low material weight
  • Easily stowable
  • High wearing comfort

GORE-TEX® Active 3-layer membrane technology was specially designed for highest breathability making it ideal for all endurance sports with high physical activity (running, biking, cross-country skiing, etc.). All clothing components were developed for optimal moisture management in order to guarantee maximum breathability and the highest possible comfort.

  • Extremely breathable (Ret-value <3)
  • Durably water and windproof
  • Low material weight incl. light finishing!
  • Easily stowable
  • High wearing comfort
  • Specially designed for highly aerobic activities
Merino Mix

One-layer material mix made of merino wool and polyester, pleasant wearing comfort, light, functional, casual, breathable, good moisture transport, odorless

Microfibers are fibers that have filaments finer than 1 dtex which is finer than silk. Microfibers are light – 10.000 m weigh max. 1 gram – soft and form stable. They offer the best assets to be used for functional sportswear. The extremely fine fibers can be processed into a very dense but still light material which is wind-repellent, water-repellent, highly breathable and easy-care.

PrimaLoft® GOLD
PrimaLoft® GOLD

PrimaLoft® is an ultra-fine microfiber insulation material for cold weather or for the whole year round. It is incredibly soft, light and highly compressible for a small pack volume but still form stable.

PrimaLoft® is wind-repellent, breathable and offers excellent water-repellent features. Once wet, it dries very fast. But even in wet condition PrimaLoft® keeps its warming function and provides a comfortable, dry and warm feel-good climate even in extreme weather conditions.

PrimaLoft® ONE quality absorbs three times less water and is 14% warmer in dry condition and 24% warmer in wet condition than other synthetic insulation materials. It is easy-care and durable. The production of PrimaLoft® does not use chemicals. Synthetic raw materials are treated thermally and mechanically and are therefore unproblematic and sustainable in their production and use. PrimaLoft® is certified according to Öko-Tex® and bluesign® and it is suitable for machine wash (delicate wash) and dryer at low temperature.

The new superlight material from LÖFFLER’s own knitting factory for racing bike jerseys. The special feature is the commonly called dimple structure (golf ball structure) which reduces the c-value through lowering the pressure drag and thus reducing the air drag for better aerodynamics. Of course, Race AERO also guarantees fast moisture transport, fast drying and breathability.

Race Aero
Race Elastic

An innovative, super-elastic polyester material from LÖFFLER’s in-house knitting factory, specially developed for various endurance sports. Outstanding elasticity crossways but limited elasticity lengthways gives Race ELASTIC a perfect freedom of movement. The light and breathable material, mainly used for bike and running jerseys, achieves highest performance in perspiration transport, quick drying time and excellent wearing comfort.

Race MESH is an extremely light and breathable material which is produced at LÖFFLER for the highly athletic segments. It convinces with excellent moisture transport and fast drying.

Due to the honeycomb structure, Race MESH does not have full contact with the skin and thus traps air resulting in excellent heat insulation. Race MESH is mostly used for highly athletic bike jerseys.

Race Mesh

In cooperation with LENZING AG, an innovative material for functional sportswear was developed. The combination of the functional and stable polyester yarns with TENCEL™ cellulosic fibers of botanic origin results in best moisture management.

Through the LÖFFLER knitting technology, this material achieves all advantages of very light functional clothing. Best moisture transport, high elasticity, easy care, and pleasant wearing comfort are in focus. In addition to this, TENCEL™-fibers feature a cooling effect and are odorless.

The perfect material to combine the wearing comfort of natural products with the function of synthetic fibers.

  • Low weight
  • High breathability
  • Optimal moisture transport
  • Pleasant cooling effect during heat and workout
  • Soft wearing comfort
  • Natural odor prevention

The extremely fine fiber structure enlarges the fabric surface and thus enables high air trapping resulting in good insulation against the cold. The material hardly absorbs moisture, is light, and provides good moisture transport. It has a soft velvety grip and keeps pleasantly warm. The new, sustainably produced fiber generation TENCEL® (basis: renewable raw material wood) is used in combination with special polyester yarns. The structure of the skin-friendly TENCEL® fiber provides ideal moisture and climate management.

TENCEL® Fleece / Fleece-Jacquard
TENCEL® Fleece / Fleece-Jacquard

The highly elastic functional material with excellent two-way stretch remains form stable and offers highest freedom of movement for pleasant wearing comfort. Thermo-Inner-Velour is slightly brushed inside, heat insulating, breathable, fast-drying, robust and easy to care for.

A highly elastic material construction for all active sports where highest freedom of movement in combination with a slight warming effect is in demand - particularly suited for the in-between seasons. A lining which is only slightly brushed provides for a pleasant body climate and best wearing comfort. The material dries fast.

Thermo-Velours Light
Thermosoft / Thermosoft Struktur

Thermosoft is an innovative elastic knit structure with integrated climate function from LÖFFLER’s in-house knitting factory. The functional material provides high freedom of movement. Special wicking function for better moisture transport keeps the skin dry providing a pleasant feeling of warmth. With the special honeycomb structure there is less surface on the skin. This creates air trapping for optimized heat insulation.

The one-layer, highly functional climate fiber made of 100 % polypropylene transports moisture away from the skin and remains durably dry. In addition to this, polypropylene yarn is odorless without any chemical or other additives. The knitting is robust with increased elasticity. This provides for optimal fit and maximum freedom of movement. Soft yarns offer pleasant and breathable wearing comfort at all weather conditions. Versatile year-round sports underwear for higher temperatures.

Transtex® Light
Transtex® Light
Transtex® Light Seamless
Transtex® Light Seamless

Like a second skin, Seamless underwear grants perfect wearing comfort. Thanks to the sophisticated construction with different material structures, it provides for a pleasant dry feeling on the skin at a constant temperature.

Due to the seamless finishing there are no pressure marks on the body, and high freedom of movement is guaranteed. Seamless models achieve a slight compression effect and support circulation due to the high elasticity and the special knitting technique.

One-layer, highly functional climate fiber made of 100% polypropylene with extra-light net structure. This guarantees fast moisture transport at optimal ventilation. In addition to this, polypropylene yarn is odorless without any chemical or other additives.
For normal to higher temperatures and very intensive activities.

Transtex® Light+
Transtex® Light+
Transtex® Warm
Transtex® Warm

The unique LÖFFLER material in highly functional twolayer technology from the in-house knitting factory keeps dry and warm and lies pleasantly soft and smooth on the skin. The inner surface made of polypropylene (1) routes moisture away from the skin to the outer surface remaining dry and odorless. The outer surface made of a mix of the natural fibers cotton and modal (2) absorbs moisture and provides for best evaporation. This results in a pleasant dry feeling and optimal wearing comfort combined with
natural UV protection. Sportswear for colder days.

Winter underwear in trendy design and due to the two-layer transtex® principle (polypropylene on the inside, natural fiber Tencel® on the outside) also highly functional and odorless. Like a second skin, the elastic Seamless underwear guarantees great freedom of movement. Knitted climate zones support breathability and functionality. The seamless finishing excludes pressure marks and skin irritations. This provides for perfect wearing comfort at a constant body temperature.

Transtex® Warm Seamless
Transtex® Warm+ Merino
Transtex® Warm+ Merino

The well-proven transtex® two-layer technology uses here merino-wool (2) on the outside which is known for excellent heat insulation and high moisture absorption. The fibers can absorb up to 30% moisture of their own weight without a wet feeling on the skin. At the same time, merino wool is extremely light, breathable and odorless by nature. The inner surface made of the dense high-tech fiber polypropylene (1). With a new and innovative knitting technique the terry cloth loops are turned to the outside. The result: the colors on the surface are more brilliant, the inner surface is smoother, and the pilling effect is reduced. The so generated air trap enhances heat insulation. The material continues to route moisture to the outside extremely well resulting in the dry transtex® feeling on the skin. The ideal functional underwear for lower temperatures.

Transtex® Single
Transtex® Single

One-layer mix made of cotton and polypropylene with high wearing comfort, very light, functional, breathable, good moisture transport, odorless.

Twill is a functional denim fabric for casual styles. The material is fashionable, yet robust, elastic, and breathable. LÖFFLER uses this versatile fabric for the new sporty and cool Urban Bike Collection.


Windshell Ultralight

The super light polyester material is windproof protecting the sweat wet body from headwind and airstream. Windshell Ultralight is both water resistant and breathable. This provides for a perfect body climate. Perfect for the use in the bike and running segments.

Specially designed for sports with high physical activity. GORE WINDSTOPPER ® Active Shell is absolutely windproof and protects against loss of body heat due to the wind chill effect. In addition to this, it is water-repellent and fast-drying.

Maximum breathability allows for the escaping of water vapor and prevents overheating or moisture build-up within the clothes. The two-layer weather-protection membrane is very light and easily stowable.

WINDSTOPPER® Softshell Light
WINDSTOPPER® Softshell Light

GORE WINDSTOPPER ® stands for: 100 % windproof, water-repellent, fast-drying, and breathable – reliable and effective protection against the cold. The soft material Softshell offers maximum comfort, is pleasant to wear, and provides for high freedom of movement at various activities and weather conditions.

Maximum comfort, pleasant to wear, windproof, reliable and effective protection against the cold. For different activities and weather conditions.

WINDSTOPPER® Softshell Warm
WINDSTOPPER® Softshell Warm

Particularly elastic, very light, pleasantly soft, 100% windproof, water-repellent, fast drying, breathable.

  • Weatherprotection
  • Wear comfort
  • Extreme breathability
  • Lightweight

The new material for outdoor activities WPM-3 is based on polyurethane (PU) membrane technology. Three layers are securely bonded to each other and form an absolutely waterproof, windproof and breathable construction. This reduces internal condensation and makes the speed of the evaporation a lot faster; at the same time it prevents outside water to penetrate, keeping the wearer warm and dry for a pleasant wearing comfort. WPM-3 is very durable, yet very light and can be easily stowed away.

  • Durably water- und windproof (20.000 mm water column)
  • Breathable (MVTR-value 20.000 mm/g/24h)
  • Lightweight with small pack size
  • Durable
  • PFOA-free