Here you can learn interesting facts about the company and the brand LÖFFLER.

layering system


Dedicated athletes who are active at all weather conditions and who want to feel good during all sports activities, need sportswear with a systematic approach. A system that works according to the proven LÖFFLER Layering Principle consisting of several light and flexible layers. Due to the intelligent matching of functional solutions with innovative materials, LÖFFLER products can be combined individually according to any climate and activity.

The extensive knowledge about clothing physiology which is the interplay of body, climate and clothes, has always been the foundation for new developments in functional sportswear at LÖFFLER


transtex® underwear is the first link of the functional chain, the base layer. It has direct contact with the skin and therefore must possess specific features. The requirements for functional underwear vary according to climate, temperature, and activity. For every field of application there is the right transtex® version – the LÖFFLER climate profile shows this at one glance.

Functional underwear must absolutely fulfil the task of keeping the body dry. The surplus moisture needs to be routed to the outside through the base layer. It is very important that the underwear itself does not absorb any moisture but transports it to the outside and dries fast afterwards. The layering principle only works if every layer is made of breathable material moving the moisture and damp to the outside.


The mid layer has an insulating effect keeping the body warm. Depending on the weather, temperature, activity and individual warmth needs there are sweaters, vests, and pants made from the different materials that can perform this task. Of course, the second layer must continue to route moisture further to the outside. This is why breathability is a prerequisite of the material.

LÖFFLER offers a variety of different materials in varying heat and insulation levels – almost all self developed and produced at the in-house knitting factory in Ried im Innkreis. Breathability, moisture transport, drying time, and wearing comfort are always emphasized.


The outer layer’s main task is to protect the body against wind, rain, and cold. Breathability is important because also the outer layer must be able to route sweat moisture and warm air to the outside. According to purpose, there are options such as waterproof Gore-Tex® or WPM-3 jacket or over pants, a warming Primaloft® jacket or a windproof softshell jacket.