Here you can learn interesting facts about the company and the brand LÖFFLER.

The right climate profile for you


Functional underwear with transtex® creates a perfect body climate at every season – with two-layer construction for colder days. Enabling unrestrained high activity even when temperatures drop.

LÖFFLER offers the ideal transtex® sports underwear for every field of application. The climate profile helps to choose the right transtex® version according to outer temperature or intensity of the exercise.


  • transtex® light+
  • transtex® light
  • transtex® light seamless
  • transtex® Windstopper


  • transtex® warm
  • transtex® warm seamless
  • transtex® warm+ Merino

Convincing with extra-light mesh structure

The optimal sports underwear for hot days and intense activities. The airy mesh structure provides for optimal ventilation and a natural cooling effect. Extremely light, extremely functional – and, at the same time, hardly noticeable. 

The first layer is useful not only on cold winter days but also in the summer as the skin is kept dry at high temperatures as well. transtex® fabrics create a performance-enhancing wearing comfort due to their cooling effect and optimal moisture transport. 

transtex® is made of polypropylene and routes moisture to the outside better than any other material. In addition to this, it dries fast and is odor neutral.

Versatile all-year sports underwear

Sports underwear with transtex® light - developed by LÖFFLER – provides for a perfect wearing comfort: The one-layer fabric routes moisture away from the skin very fast and remains durably dry and odor neutral – without any chemical additives. This makes transtex® light the classic when it comes to functional underwear for every season and every type of sport. Every single day. 

transtex® underwear carries the ÖKO-TEX 100 label, just like every other LÖFFLER product. LÖFFLER does not use any chemical finishing or controversial silver ionization which is particularly important for underwear as it is in direct contact with the skin.

Optimal freedom of movement

transtex® light seamless – the seamless sports underwear by LÖFFLER – feels like a second skin. It is highly elastic and guarantees optimal freedom of movement. The shirts and shorts are figure-hugging, supportive and slightly compressing. Due to integrated body zones, the underwear is extremely breathable.


For perfect body climate on windy days

Windstopper® material at the front of this underwear protects the body against head wind and cooling off.  transtex® light Provides for highest breathability and fast moisture transport. This feels good and keeps you healthy.

The transtex® technology was developed by LÖFFLER as early as in 1978. Since then it is continuously improved and further developed. Still today it is produced in the in-house knitting factory in Ried im Innkreis (Upper Austria, company location of LÖFFLER).

Full performance on colder days

Sports underwear which perfectly combines moisture transport, evaporation and heat insulation. It stays dry on the skin and the body does not cool off. It is functional, natural and absolutely odor neutral.

This unique LÖFFLER material is produced with the highly functional two-layer principle in the in-house knitting factory. The inner surface is made of polypropylene and routes moisture away from the skin to the outer layer remaining pleasantly dry on the skin. The outer surface made of a natural fiber mix of cotton and modal absorbs the moisture and guarantees constant evaporation. This creates a pleasant dry feeling and optimal wearing comfort combined with natural UV protection. It is the sports underwear of choice for colder days.

Sportiness at first hand

Perfect for colder days – the transtex® Warm Seamless sports underwear which lies on the body like a second skin. The two-layer principle – on the inside highly functional polypropylene, on the outside an innovative cotton-modal®-mix – keeps the body permanently dry and pleasantly warm. The seamless finishing guarantees highest freedom of movement even at lower temperatures. Knitted climate zones increase the breathability where it is needed.

Athletic functionality – put into practice in attractive design.

For lower temperatures

The right sports underwear for really cold days. Polypropylene and merino wool demonstrate their strength together – skin friendly, breathable, comfortably warm. No perspiration felt on the skin and therefore no chance for the cold.

The victory at the ALPIN magazine product test confirms: LÖFFLER sports underwear made of transtex® Merino offers highest functionality at lower temperatures. This is due to the innovative material mix: polypropylene adapts flexibly to the body, picks up the moisture and is odor neutral. The breathable Merino warms perfectly. This is the ideal underwear for stop-and-go activities in the cold.