Here you can learn interesting facts about the company and the brand LÖFFLER.

Bike seat pads

The most sensitive point of contact between a rider and a bike is on the saddle. Not surprisingly, riding fun and endurance are intrinsically linked with having the right cycling pants. The protection pad specialist Elastic Interface has developed a new seat pad exclusively for LÖFFLER, designed for racing saddles and long distances.

Comfort Extreme

The seat Pad for long distances and frequent riders.

Extremely light, extremely breathable, extremely shock-absorbing thanks to the new aircell foam with net-like cell structure (14mm).

Persuading advantages:

  • Extreme breathability and pleasant ventilation through perforated foam
  • Super-soft seat comfort due to particularly soft microfiber surface
  • Particularly fune, soft and thus not noticeable interface to fabric
  • Anti-bacterial effect and improved heat transport
  • Perfect fit due to continuous elasticity and 2 different sizes for seat pads for men

14 mm

Comfort Gel Air

Particularly developed for very long tours on race saddles.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the various materials are pressed to one single, anatomically designed seat pad: Two different seat pad sizes for small (up to size 48) and larger (size 50 upwards) sizes enable optimized fit.

Persuading advantages:

  • The compact core zone is reinforced with a dens
  • Shock-absorbing gel-foam-mix (12mm)
  • The entirely perforated surface provides for pleasant ventilation and low weight
  • Altogether an athletic seat pad, ideal for long distances and frequent riders

14 mm

Comfort Elastic

A sporty allrounder of the highest level.

Here LÖFFLER sets new bench marks. It is a technically mature seat pad at the highest stage. The new strong padding (12 mm) on all neuralgic points provides for highest seat comfort:

  • It adapts well to most saddle forms
  • Is anatomically formed
  • Features soft and not noticeable “edges”
  • Is made of one piece
  • The new foam material is particularly dense and durably compact
  • The padding is elastic and very smooth
  • Good ventilation prevents heat accumulation which is a big advantage at high temperatures

12 mm

Comfort Basic

The basic model for smooth cycling.

This is a thin padding (6 mm foam material) which is mainly used for bike shorts and some bike underpants. Like the other pads, it possesses all good basic features of the parent materials.

It is suitable for shorter to medium distances or calmer driving and mostly in combination with comfort saddles.

Thickness: 6 mm